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Have you ever strolled into a high-end kitchen area and noticed how every single detail of the design was perfect from top to bottom? Witnessing such a design marvel can make one believe that they can’t afford such quality work because it looks so elegant.

The truth is, a well-design kitchen can appear expensive, but in reality, be set at a price that nearly everyone can afford. One such kitchen design attribute may seem costly upon initial examination but can be lighter on your checkbook than expected.

The Waterfall Edge Countertop!

It sounds expensive to buy an extra slab of your chosen granite, marble, or quartz countertop, but the elevated detail can make your kitchen appear larger and more customized for less than you expect (depending on the sq. footage).

Waterfall edge countertops are becoming more of a popular choice for homes looking for that extra unique touch of class. Defined as a seamless countertop that flows over the edge of your kitchen counter or island and down the side. Typically, the popular kitchen or bathroom design feature faces the entryway of the room becoming one of the main focal points.

It’s a great place to serve cocktails, appetizers, and entrees for a small number of guests. Remember to be mindful due to Covid – 19.