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So you have decided to purchase new countertops for your home. Congrats! Now it’s off to meet the nearest granite, quartz, or marble salesman in the area to pick out the perfect slab of the mined material that will increase the value of your home.

Once you have viewed all the various colors and styles the countertop store has to offer, have you ever wondered the origins of where the expertly cut stone was mined from?

Natural stones countertops come from one place… a rock quarry.

Typically at the quarry, the miners use a massive chainsaw to cut enormous slabs of rock from the mountainside and transport several tons of granite, quartz, or marble using trackers built to handle the incredibly heavy loads.

Once the stone arrives at the cutting faculty, large sawing machines get to work and slice the soon-to-be countertop or tiles in thin layers — based on client specifications. The countertops or tiles are can be shipped all across the world before being professionally installed into your kitchen or bathroom.

Fun fact: Marble is believed to provide clarity and self-control to both your physical and emotional state.