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Choosing Stone for Your Kitchen

When shopping for the best stone to choose for your kitchen, whether it be at home or at the office, there are many options to choose from. However, those options can be narrowed down based on functionality for the space, upkeep, and aesthetic preference.


Granite is a popular choice for many people looking to redo their kitchen countertops. One of the main reasons for this is that granite is resistant to heat and scratches. This is best for a kitchen environment where there are constantly hot surfaces and sharp cooking tools that could potentially damage your counters. If the homeowner would like even more protection for their countertops, they can also choose to seal the granite to ensure that it won’t become stained over time. In terms of aesthetics, slabs of granite can be chosen based on the unique patterns that are always different from slab to slab making them distinctive just for your home or office.


Slate is also a top pick for many people looking for an extra durable choice for their kitchen counters. The great thing about slate is that it does not easily chip or scratch, and can withstand heat (making it similar to granite in this way). However, it may come as a surprise that slate actually tends to be more affordable than granite. The upkeep for slate is even easier than with granite because it is less of a porous surface, and therefore will not absorb moisture or bacteria as other stones might. Furthermore, slate is more of a subtle addition to a kitchen and won’t necessarily be the focal point as granite might; However, it has an aesthetically pleasing uniform appearance and can serve as more of a complement to the rest of your kitchen accessories.


Marble is always a popular choice for kitchen counters for a few reasons. It is durable, it increases the resale value of your home, and it never goes out of style. For these reasons, marble is definitely one of the top choices for kitchen stones, but it is not always the first choice for homeowners because it can be very expensive. In terms of upkeep, if you want your marble counters to last a lifetime, it is important to clean the surfaces regularly with gentle soap and seal it as well. Aesthetically, marble might be one of the most pleasing surfaces to the eye. This is because every piece is different and there are no two identical slabs, so whichever piece you choose for your home will be unique just for you and your family to admire.

Choosing Stone for Your Bathroom

On the other hand, when shopping for the best stone to choose for your bathroom, whether it be for home or work, there are still many options to choose from, but your selection becomes more important due to all of the moisture and humidity that builds up in a bathroom. Below are the top three and will also be broken down based on functionality, upkeep, and aesthetics.


Travertine is great for bathrooms. This is because this type of stone does not require a high level of maintenance or special cleaning products. Travertine is also a bit more of a porous material, so it can absorb some moisture making surfaces less slippery. Aesthetically, travertine will maintain its color throughout the years and can come in a wide variety of patterns and hues to fit the style of any home.


For many of the same reasons marble is a popular choice for kitchen counters, it is also popular for bathroom spaces as well. It is a highly durable type of stone, and when used to renovate, it can increase the value of your home with its timeless look. However, in order to keep the marble in good condition, it is essential to have it sealed, especially in the bathroom where there can be a lot of moisture build-up. The fun part about choosing marble for a bathroom is that you can choose multiple different kinds and put them together to give the bathroom a look with more depth and creativity.


Onyx is loved mainly for its aesthetic appeal. This type of stone will require a bit more upkeep to clean the stone, but it usually does not need to be sealed. Onyx also tends to be cheaper than other natural stones that are typically used in bathrooms and showers but keep in mind that it tends to be more slippery. When choosing to install onyx in your bathroom, there are many design, color, finish, and customization options to choose from in order to maintain the look you may be going for.

The Best Way to Go

Whether you’re renovating your entire kitchen, or just looking for one new surface to spice up your guest bathroom, the most popular stones to choose from are consistently granite and marble. They both have their pros and cons, and depending on the unique space you’re trying to fill, the budget you can work with, and the style you’re looking to have, it can be narrowed down to which is best for your project.

To recap, granite is resistant to both heat and scratches and offers a more natural look. Marble is very durable and requires about the same amount of upkeep. However, marble tends to be the pricier option of the two and offers a more luxurious look compared to granite.

Whichever room or surface you are looking to get redone, be sure to review the pros and cons of each with your unique space and style goals in mind, and we’ll be sure to help you find the best stone for you. We offer free in-home consultations as well as a tool on our site to build a virtual kitchen so that you can visualize your project before we get to work on the delivery and installation. We also have a portfolio and a showroom where you can check out what we can do for you.

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