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As a natural stone countertop supplier and installer, we often get asked what the different kinds of stone countertops are, and what makes each unique. Here is a short summary to help you choose between the three main types of stone slabs available for your kitchen or bathroom countertops.


A quartz countertop is the most durable, and also the least expensive since it is not cut from one single stone. It comes in a variety of colors and has a unique pattern and shine that makes it a beautiful and practical addition to your home.


Marble comes in a few colors that are naturally occurring, but the most common variety is white with dark grey or black veining. The beautiful patterns in this stone, make marble countertops one of the most sought after and prized countertop materials.


Granite countertops are much like marble, but they come in a larger variety of colors and patterns and are harder and more commonly found in homes across New Jersey and the world.

No matter the type of natural stone you choose for your kitchen or bathroom, your home will feel more unique and luxurious once you have installed your new countertop from Empire Granite. Contact us today for more information.