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If you are upgrading your bathroom, chances are that you are choosing new countertops for your bathroom vanities. One of the most natural choices is stone. Stone is a good choice for a bathroom because they are easy to maintain, heat resistant, and come in a number of textures and colors. There are several great types of stones that make beautiful choices for your bathroom. Here are the top 3 types of stone to consider.


If you are going for elegance, marble is the way to go. It comes in many colors and offers a stunning look. However, it does stain easily so it is important to make sure that you treat the marble with a sealer.


If you are looking for a more informal look, limestone is a great choice. It is often done in a matte finish and comes in numerous colors. One issue is that it is very absorbent, so it is important to make sure that you are cleaning it regularly.


Slate forms on clay beds and will naturally split into a very thin layer. This makes it the perfect choice for a bathroom countertop. The textured surface provides an organic look. Make sure that it is properly sealed and maintained to keep the polished look.

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