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A kitchen upgrade can be a huge expense. From appliances to cabinetry, getting the entire kitchen redone to feel luxurious and high-end is not affordable enough for most people. If you want to upgrade your kitchen to be as luxurious as possible while sticking to a budget, you might decide to choose only one area of your kitchen to renovate. But which one?

The single most cost-effective, luxury kitchen upgrade you can add to your kitchen is not necessarily the cheapest one. It’s the countertop!

By adding a granite, marble, or another type of natural stone countertop to your kitchen, you can cover the largest surface area of your kitchen, and make the most impactful design change with the least amount of time and effort. While changing out the wall paint or the cabinet color might be cheaper, in the long run, a stone countertop adds the most luxury to your kitchen and is therefore the most cost-effective luxury upgrade to your kitchen. Far more so than upgrading all the appliances, light fixtures, plumbing, layout, and other structural elements of your kitchen.

What are the advantages of using granite in interior design?

Granite is one of the best materials you can use when designing your interior. The advantages are numerous. Let’s find out what makes using granite in interior design so effective.

Granite makes the space more attractive

Not necessarily the poshest of the lot, but granite definitely adds value to your home. It lends quite a sophisticated and classy look, if not luxurious. Just choose your colors and patterns rightly. The shiny and polished look of granite provides a luminous look to any space.

Each piece of granite is unique

Each piece of granite is unique and that makes it somewhat premium. Even different tiles made from the same batch can vary in darkness, pattern, or veining even though they seem similarly colored from a distance.

Granite is reasonably priced

Granite is fairly affordable when it comes to premium or classy materials for your interior. Prices can range from $40 to $200 per square foot – including installation costs. The key factor here that determines how much you end up spending is the thickness of the granite slab. Homeowners on a tight budget can easily achieve a premium and classy look with granite.

Granite resists stain and moisture

Using granite is sufficiently hygienic thanks to its resistance to stain, moisture, and bacteria. This is one of the reasons why granite is especially preferred in kitchen countertops, cabinets, and islands. However, this quality transcends kitchens, and granite’s hygiene and cleanliness can be leveraged in any part of your home.

Granite resists heat

Natural stones resist heat. Granite is a natural stone. It forms under high pressure and temperature and consequently, can withstand normal heat. This means you can use granite on everything that might get hot, such as a kitchen countertop or the dining table.

Granite is naturally strong and durable

Granite has high strength and durability. Anything granite in your interior will likely last forever. This is one of the best qualities of granite. It also resists chipping and scratching, which makes it ideal for use in places that require above-average durability and strength.

It’s easy to maintain granite areas

Granite is one of the easiest to maintain materials. You can handle it comfortably without worrying about damaging it. It doesn’t break easily, which means you cannot get your home dirty when it’s getting installed. Wiping granite with a damp cloth is all you need to do to make it sparkling clean and fresh as new.

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