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A kitchen upgrade can be a huge expense. From appliances to cabinetry, getting the entire kitchen redone to feel luxurious and high-end is not affordable enough for most people. If you want to upgrade your kitchen to be as luxurious as possible while sticking to a budget, you might decide to choose only one area of your kitchen to renovate. But which one?

The single most cost-effective, luxury kitchen upgrade you can add to your kitchen is not necessarily the cheapest one. It’s the countertop!

By adding a granite, marble, or other type of natural stone countertop to your kitchen, you can cover the largest surface area of your kitchen, and make the most impactful design change with the least amount of time and effort. While changing out the wall paint or the cabinet color might be cheaper, in the long run, a stone countertop adds the most luxury to your kitchen and is therefore the most cost-effective luxury upgrade to your kitchen. Far more so than upgrading all the appliances, light fixtures, plumbing, layout and other structural elements of your kitchen.

For a luxury upgrade that gives you the most bang for your buck, contact Empire Granite or visit our showroom today!