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A quality natural stone countertop can elevate your kitchen or bathroom to a new feeling of luxury. Empire Granite in Dayton, NJ keeps the highest quality slabs of natural stone in stock at our showroom for you to view and select for your next renovation project.

A kitchen with a stone countertop automatically feels luxurious, and the natural veining within many marble, granite and other natural stone countertops make your home’s countertop completely unique, much like a fingerprint. Also, any bathroom can transform into a luxurious and elegant spa experience with a beautiful, natural stone, bathroom countertop.

Many stone countertops sacrifice quality for a lesser price, but our quartz, marble, and granite slabs never do.

How can you tell a high-quality stone from a lesser one?

When you have a reliable company, like Empire Granite, you can be certain that your natural stone slab comes from reputable quarries that deliver natural stone that is both beautiful and sturdy, with minimal microcracks that can cause breaks over time.

If you’re looking for a high-quality natural stone countertop to make your bathroom or kitchen renovation totally unique and give your home a sense of luxury and elegance, contact Empire Granite today.