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When preparing for a kitchen remodel, it can be difficult to find the right place to start. Before beginning, it’s recommended to set aside a desired result of the remodel, which areas will be altered/surfaces reconfigured, and what the budget will look like. Keep in mind: respecting your budget is very important.

Overcommitting funds to a project can be dangerous to a new homeowner. Here are a few tips to get your kitchen remodel done right, and at a modest price.

What is my goal for the kitchen visually?

For guests, a strong visual aesthetic can go a long way to impacting how they perceive your home as a whole. Also, your taste in home d├ęcor will reflect a bit of you, so consider your own personality’s impact as well. Your first step after visualization and preparation is selecting color palettes/materials.

How should I choose my color scheme?

You should determine this by the rest of the aesthetic of the home, or allow the kitchen to be a completely unique room. In either case, preparing your palettes can fit a few different styles.

Neutral and two other colors– This a standard foundation to home design. Picking a neutral for the foundation of the room to start, then two complementary colors in addition. You shouldn’t go beyond three main colors or else the room becomes too complicated.

Two colors with a leading accent- Accenting the two main colors of choice can be difficult. However, if done successfully with a tasteful pattern or additional design, you can easily make it work.

Pattern as the primary- Patterns can be hit or miss. Your choice here needs to be really strong to minimize the complexity of the kitchen. Also, if you are installing tile in the kitchen, these often have patterns as well. Consider how the patterns will mesh together when combined.

Aside from these color schemes, a general rule of thumb is not to have too much of anything. Shading the same color in different ways will not help the visual appeal of the room, but you may think it’ll be easier to work in subtly. However, overusing a color can depreciate the value of it, even with shading variety.

Popular colors that are overused are: blues, grays, browns, or whites. You should set your sights on one choice of the color and ride with it, rather than jumping back and forth between shades, as this extends the preparation process. Once you’ve decided on your palette, then it’ll be easier to mix up the shades.

Which part of the kitchen should I choose the colors for first?

To begin, cabinets are the best place to start. Cabinets have the highest volume of space in the room, and are often the first piece of a kitchen that is noticed. They are commonly the easiest portion of the room to color and prepare, which is why they are an easy box to check off the list. In most cases, a dark wood finish is how cabinets are colored, but this can depend on a few other factors.

Sometimes they have lighter finishes, or go for a more plastic look in modern homes, but wood finishes are always a safe bet. You should have these settled before you proceed, as they can impact the overall appeal of the room heavily. Luckily, your cabinets shouldn’t be considered in the color scheme. They act as their own piece of the room, and as long as they don’t contrast everything else heavily, should be an easy addition.

Cabinets and countertops

Next, you should decide how to handle your countertops and appliances. Are you looking to pair them? What do you expect of the surfaces combining with the appliances? Are you going to have them all be a part of the same color scheme? It’s quite simple to pair them up, here are some color scheme options that work well for most homeowners.

Granite countertops with slate finishes on appliances –  A classic. This look was popularized in modern homes, and is a perfect scheme for you to add to your kitchen. If it isn’t broken, why fix it? What makes your kitchen different? You should stray from this path if you’re pushing to get a different tone in your kitchen.

Marble and blues – Marble pairs so beautifully with blue. If you’re looking for that perfect pairing with a light finish on the countertop, navy/royal blue is the perfect pairing for appliances. Together, these colors change the whole mood of the room, but will require a great deal more upkeep and cleaning.

Upkeep and maintenance on countertops

Planning for the long term may not seem necessary in the early stages of remodeling, however, it is.

The best route to plan for maintenance and upkeep on the kitchen is considering your own values. How greatly do you want your kitchen to look brand new? Are you going to take the time to make sure the countertops are spotless?

If yes, then your options are much more plentiful. If you aren’t looking to spend that extra time however, there are still a strong variety of options.

Sealing marble and granite countertops – This is a must for those that want their countertops to sparkle. Grime and dirt can very easily seep into the finish on both countertops, which is why it’s important to seal them quickly and consistently over the years.

Quartz as a nearly stainless option – Quartz is the easiest option of the three. If you want to take less time for upkeep, quartz doesn’t require sealing, and is easily the most stain resistant of the bunch. Quartz color scheme options are plentiful as well, which makes the whole process of narrowing down options quicker. Take a look at our virtual kitchen tool and see for yourself.

Now, one choice doesn’t necessarily negate the other. In both cases, there will be required maintenance and upkeep in the long term. After considering your own behaviors and the color scheme appeal of the kitchen, make the choice you feel is right for your kitchen. Then, you can worry about sealing and maintenance of the countertops later, which is much simpler than it sounds.

Can I seal countertops myself?

You can reseal your countertops yourself. Although, you may want to get some professional advice and consultation in order to ensure the project goes smoothly. Especially if a full kitchen remodel is already on your plate, sealing countertops should be the last of your worries.

Letting professionals handle it will expedite the process of the whole remodel, and allow you to focus on more pressing aspects of the process. Save yourself the time and have it included in the rest of the kitchen remodel, as tacking it on to a larger project is much simpler than going out of your way for one job to get done.

Where to start on our website

To get started, the best place to begin is getting an estimate on the first portion of the kitchen remodel you want completed. We conduct in-home consultations, completely free. Once we begin, we can take a look at the current layout of the kitchen, and see which portions of the kitchen we can work on. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!