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When it comes to new countertops there are many choices available, this includes many types of natural stones. Caesarstone is a popular choice and it typically has a price range of $40 up to $100 per square foot. Granite is one of the most popular options for countertops and the price per square foot is typically anywhere from $35 up to $75.

Overall, granite is typically going to be a less expensive option for your countertops. However, there is some overlapping in prices between these two options and you can find some less expensive Caesarstone if that is your top choice for your kitchen countertops.

Trying to decide which countertop option is best for your home will really just depend on your needs and your wants. Each of these types of surfaces are quite beautiful and they all offer tremendous benefits to your house. If you want a durable stone surface that is engineered, Caesarstone is a good choice.

It is important to note that this option is not heat resistant, so you will have to be very careful. For those who want a great stone surface, granite is the best choice. Granite is heat resistant, but it is also porous. This means that you will have to maintain it by resealing it at least once a year.