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If you are getting a little sick of how your bathroom looks and you think you’re ready for a refresh to your space, there are many ways to get the job done. From DIY projects you can handle yourself to bigger projects you’ll need a contractor for, there are various ways to turn your old drab bathroom into a refreshing and relaxing space that you won’t be able to wait to spend more of your time in every day!

Let’s start with the DIY projects that you can probably take on yourself…

DIY bathroom upgrades:

  • De-rust your bathtub for a sparkling eye-catcher (you’ll want the first thing your eyes cling to, to be clean)
  • Thoroughly clean your pre-existing tile, marble, granite, or quartz (start with a clean slate)
  • Get creative with wallpaper designs to bring out particular accent colors (make it yours!)
  • Install new racks for your towels and robes (the more wall space the better)
  • Try some different flooring (you can install floorboards that snap together or you can hire a professional to install different flooring that is a bit trickier to apply)
  • Repurpose old or vintage furniture
  • Get inventive with backsplashes on different walls
  • Change out your lighting fixtures to match the new vibe you’re going for in your space (don’t be afraid to break out of your comfort zone)
  • Maintain a color palette for all of your bathroom accessories (this will keep your bathroom looking fun but put together)
  • Mount storage space on the walls and even inside your cabinet doors for better organization (we know you need it)
  • Have fun with hanging some art and/or mirrors on the walls to liven up the space (new or vintage!)
  • Revive your walls and/or cabinets with some fresh and bright paint (dark colors make a small space look smaller)
  • Swap out sink and shower fixtures if they’re noticeably becoming old, outdated, or are not working properly anymore
  • Use water-resistant materials when you can (it is a bathroom, after all)

Now that we have covered the basics of how you can spruce up your drab bathroom with some DIY projects that shouldn’t cost too much and that you can most likely finish yourself on your own time, the following list will contain some more ideas on how to refresh your bathroom space but will require hiring professionals for safety and accuracy.

Professional bathroom upgrades:

  • Build a tub surround from wood, granite, marble, quartz, or tile (perfect for more space and storage)
  • Build a double vanity (for your significant other or guests)
  • Switch out your existing counters with some fresh new marble, granite, or quartz for a more updated look and feel
  • Have pull-out or sliding drawers installed for more space and convenience
  • Add a subway wall for more openness in your bathroom space (which tends to be relatively small to begin with)
  • Invest in some beautiful marble, granite, or quartz floors to upgrade to a more luxury feel (we’d love to help with this one!)
  • Pick out some new fresh tile to cover your walls to tie in your color palette (tie it all in)
  • Pick out some new tile for your shower (ask yourself: what would make your showers the most relaxing?)
  • Get new glass shower walls/doors installed by a professional (this will really open up the space)
  • Add a window to allow natural light into your space (natural light is most relaxing, especially for bathrooms)

Once you have exhausted the list of the various projects (mentioned at the beginning of this article) that you can do yourself (de-rusting, cleaning, applying wallpaper, installing new racks, installing new flooring, repurposing old furniture, using backsplashes, changing out light fixtures, maintaining a color palette, mounting extra storage space, having fun with art, painting, swapping out shower fixtures, and using water-resistant materials), it may be time to start considering which builders and/or contractors you’d like to start working with to get the rest of your bathroom renovations (tub surround, double vanity, counters, drawers, subway wall, floors, wall tile, shower tile, shower walls, windows) done the way you want them in the most effective and efficient way possible.

How we can help

When you are ready to build a tub surround, build a double vanity with marble/granite/quartz, replace your bathroom countertops with tile, marble, granite, or quartz, invest in some marble, quartz, or granite floors, or pick out some new tile for your walls or for your shower/bathtub space, we are here to help! We offer the most luxurious natural stone counters in stock as well as expert stone fabrication and installation. Since we design and install granite, marble, and/or quartz countertops for kitchens and/or bathrooms, our trained experts will help direct your project from concept to completion while still working within your budget. We’re happy to assist with anything from small countertop upgrade projects to complete overhauls of your kitchen or bathroom countertops. Furthermore, if you decide on a natural stone option, we will gladly seal it for you as well. Sealing your stone is very important for allowing it to last throughout the years you have it in your home. Our team of Empire Granite professionals can help with all areas of your installation project(s) from interior design to contracting to architectural design.

What we offer our clients

Some of the reasons our clients love us for their home installation projects is because we offer design expertise during our phone consultations, we offer some of the best rates in the area with detailed pricing breakdowns so that our clients always know exactly where their money is going, we are a one-stop-shop for natural stones, getting your home measurements done, fabrication, and installation, and our design process allows you to have direct communication with some of the best designers in the industry so that your project comes out just the way you’ve dreamed it up to be!

We also offer free estimates, an online portfolio (granite countertops, kitchen countertops, outdoor kitchen countertops) for you to view at your convenience and discretion, a virtual kitchen tool on our site for you to use, as well as a showroom for you to come visit.

If there is something you’ve been wanting to add to your bathroom (or even your kitchen) that has not been listed in this article and you need help with where to start, if you want to speak with a professional to see if you installation idea is a good one, or if you just have some general questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by calling us, emailing us, or filling out our free estimate form on our site (and linked above) to get in touch. Our virtual kitchen tool should also be to your advantage when trying to envision your idea in your bathroom or kitchen space. Our showroom is also open for you to discuss with us in person and for you to check out some of our already completed samples (which you can also check out on our portfolio linked above). Our expert designers would love nothing more than to help make your home installation project a dream come true by starting with some simple communication in order to turn your ideas into a reality.