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When you are looking for the perfect faucet to match your new countertops you should look at styles that give a nice contrast visually. Finding a matching color that fits with your countertops and backsplashes or any nearby tiling is also advisable.

An example of the above is that black or bronze faucets fit well with lighter colored counters, and also look great with backsplashes which feature white, black, and gray. It is essential to find a kitchen faucet that is simple to use and fits well with your countertop and backsplash.

There are two main types of faucet mount to choose between – a wall mount or a more common deck mount. Both can look great, but you might think one looks better than the other in your kitchen.

There are several types of faucets to choose between.

The single handle kitchen faucet is great if you are on a budget, but the water temperature is controlled using one knob. It can be a negative for some users.

The double hand handle faucet features separate handles for hot and cold water which allows for better temperature control.

The pull down kitchen faucet is perfect for a modern kitchen. It allows you to spray water directly into your dishes, and is great for large sinks.

A pull out kitchen faucet is large and simple to use. It can easily be directed and is ideal for smaller sinks.

A motion sensor kitchen faucet is the most high-tech option and is great for regulating water temperature, and preventing the accidental spraying of water onto your granite surface. With a little time looking through your options, you can make a perfect faucet choice!