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Building an outdoor kitchen is a great way to increase property value, and have more fun outside. Here are some tips to get started on installing one, what you’ll need to be familiar with to get the best value, and more!

Why am I Creating an Outdoor Kitchen?

Answer this first. Your project needs a beginning to get the best results. Otherwise, it’ll get sloppy and feel off. Take your time planning and getting a strong foundation down. Then, you can really get cranking on reenvisioning your outdoor layout.

Steps to Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen

Find Inspiration

Take a look around town, online, and anywhere else. Get inspired by the properties you fall in love with. Then, you’re in a much better position to create one of your own. This includes everything from the floors, the appliances, the surfaces, and more. It all has to become your own for you to ever really enjoy what you’ve created.

Set a Budget

Budget is going to be a huge factor. Fortunately, many homeowners are able to create wallet-friendly solutions for themselves when crafting their outdoor kitchen plans. For example, if your seating isn’t a major factor to you, you can cut costs there by putting more of the budget into other areas. Remember, this is your outdoor kitchen! It should be designed exactly the way you want it, and you should decided on where you’ll make adjustments for your budget.

However, the foundation is not an area to make sacrifices. Tile flooring, cabinets, and appliances are not an area where you should sacrifice a ton of your budget to save elsewhere. Your appliances are going to be the primary performers in your outdoor kitchen, and you’ll need to have them performing in inclement weather as well.

Overall, take into account the area you live in first, and how that’ll impact certain portions of your kitchen. Then, you should decide which pieces mean the most to you, or are your “must-have” features. As you progress with professional guidance, you can also amend your budget as the project goes along.

Choose Your Materials and Appliances for an Outdoor Kitchen

Unfortunately, you can’t simply transfer your entire indoor kitchen to the outdoors. However, there are some must-have features that need to carry over. Generally speaking, this can be your grill, your countertops, your tile, and more. Most homeowners prioritize the “bones” of the kitchen and then leave some room for flair as well. Countertops and flooring is a great place to start. Once you have those two pieces down, you can start having more fun with the project.

Throw in a mini water feature, add in some intricate design work, and more. There’s a ton of room here for more creative choices. Also, you have the option of adding on extensions later. For example, you can include a formal dining area or even a firepit. Regardless, whatever you’re looking for can be added down the road as well. Getting started is the first step to making this all a reality for your home.

Cornerstone Features

Something needs to set your outdoor kitchen apart. This can be your choice of material, layout, or anything really. Anything that makes your property feel like home. Once you find this peace, make it the cornerstone of your outdoor kitchen. For example, for some homeowners, this is their tile. They have full tile surfaces laid out in their outdoor kitchen with beautiful patterns and designs.

Preparing for the Long Haul

Repairs and Maintenance

You’ll need to perform repairs here and there. Generally, if you don’t think you’ll keep up to date with repairs, you should probably invest in higher-quality materials. Especially materials that take less maintenance. Then, you won’t have to dedicate as much time to your outdoor kitchen after the fact.

Adequate Protection and Usage

Protecting your outdoor kitchen requires strong tarps, good cleaning practices, and consistent use to keep it in shape. Think of using your outdoor kitchen like the gym. If you go for a week, you won’t see good results. However, if you go for a month, you’ll start to see a difference. Use your outdoor kitchen can have the same ideas applied to it. Only install the extension if you plan on using it.

How Much of This Can I Do Myself?

Luckily, some of the installations you can do yourself. Putting in the appliances, choosing the designs, and more. However, you’re going to need professional assistance eventually. Even if you can do everything yourself, having an extra set of eyes (and hands) is always helpful.

At Empire Granite, give us a call today to assess your property. We’ll help you create your dream kitchen today, all from the beautiful confines of your backyard. Additionally, we can customize our work to fit your exact needs. Get in contact for a quick, reliable quote. We’re looking forward to speaking with you!